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Improve Construction Costs with BIM Coordination Services

Engineering design is a dynamic field that necessitates successful collaboration among a variety of stakeholders in order to achieve desired results.

With most of the work in the construction industry going digital and BIM becoming widely accepted and adopted. Now is the most accurate time to utilize proper and best BIM services that will help you complete your project more efficiently.

BIM Coordination Services

BIM Coordination is one of the most interchangeable services in construction. It is considered essential for a design to be realized as expected, with no issues and problems.

Generally, BIM Coordination is a process of BIM that smoothens the collaboration between structural engineering, MEP engineering and architectural plans.

The main goal of BIM Coordination is to provide more systematic collaboration results by combining all the efforts of different regulations within a particular construction project.

In BIM coordination, multidisciplinary models are collected in one place, allowing a better look at construction problems.

The following are examples of model types that can be integrated into multidisciplinary models:

  • Interior architectural model
  • Exterior architectural model
  • Structural model
  • Landscape model
  • Electrical services model
  • Prefabrication model
  • Mechanical services model

Benefits of BIM coordination

There are various advantages to using 3D BIM coordination, including, but not limited to:

  • Design flaws that would cost a lot of money to repair in the final project state are easier to find.
  • Full utilization of the building space
  • 3D BIM coordination helps in real-time construction scheduling.
  • BIM Coordination allows different departments to collaborate, such as engineers, architects, contractors, and so on, improving the overall accuracy of the design and resolving problems before they become too large later on.
  • Engineering teams can work together to create a unified model that reflects changes from each team member.
  • Rapidly and accurately, collisions are detected in real-time.

BIM Coordination service offers a wide variety of advantages for a construction project while enhancing coordination between stages and departments of the project and helping with excessive waste issues, compatibility issues, e.t.c.

Our BIM Coordination Services

  • BIM Clash Detection

Our Clash Detection Services can help identify any hard, soft, or workflow clash in your 3D model to reduce costs, time, and resources.

  • Clash Report Generation

Our company provides a clash report dashboard for MEP architects, engineers, building owners, and general contractors covering hard and soft clashes.

  • BIM Coordination

Our BIM coordination services bring all of the project’s departments together, resulting in collaborative, conflict-free design visualisation.

BIM coordination improves the usefulness and operability of the BIM model, ensuring that projects are finished on time and within the budget for both the construction team and the client.

  • Coordination Drawings

We can create coordination drawings for on-site construction after resolving any discrepancies in the BIM model. Our team guarantees you that the Coordinated Shop Drawings follow all applicable drafting rules and standards.

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