Global Associates is an Indian based IT firm that widespread it’s business all through the world specifically across USA, UK and Canada. Recently our company has tied a knot with leading recruitment firms of USA to offer bespoke recruitment assistance service based on professional recruitment principles.

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"We have expanded our business through from domestic market to international market with a broad clientele over USA,Europe, Australia, Canada, Australia"

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Benefits of the private employment agencies (PrEA)

To cope up with high requirement for offering services to a fast developing and compliant labour market, the private employment agencies (PrEA) becomes very popular. PrEA have supplemented the conventional employment market, they are now treated like a stimulant for new types of human resource management services and can make the working conditions superior.

IR35 and the NHS what recruiters need to know

Several factors contribute to the fast development of private employment agencies (PrEA) which range from a fast developing and flexible labour market; limitations in the execution of public employment services; and, the utilization of other networks for placement. There exist few industries in the globe which have reformed their image as intensely as the private recruitment industry.

The significance of private recruiters is greatly increased for smooth functioning of labor markets when companies are gradually looking for more flexible and mobile staff as well as workers ready to pass over borders under diversified work arrangements. Against the context of variable national and global labour markets, PrEA have progressively raised their market share and extended their business activities. They have recruited in excess of 8 million workers globally and have improved the employability of jobseekers by keeping them in contact with the job market and through training.

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