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Essential ways to Identifying fraud companies in Data Entry Field

Below are some easy steps to find a fake Data Entry Company.

  • If you have a Co. Name to find, search for the company on any search engine and verify if there was any previous complaints.
  • Check that whether the company has own website or not.
  • Find the contact details along with the email id which matches to domain name.
  • Verify the physical address of the company.
  • Call and email them for detail of project and ask them about further information on the process (technical details). Fraud Company will unable to answer properly due to lack of knowledge.
  • The Fraud company will not stay online for long time because of several complaints against them. So ensure that the time period is not less than 2.5 years.
  • Check the mode of payment. Pay Pal is the safest one because they immediately terminate the membership of the company when they receive lot of complaints against it. So please investigate properly about this.
  • Many of this type of company taken security deposit through bank so verify the bank account details which they provide.
  • Ask the company for other vendor’s details where the work is going on. If possible go the vendor’s office and check it.

Those steps have to be follow if you want a authenticate data entry jobs.

The Scams on Data Entry Looks as:

Data Entry scams are the misleading advertising, promises of big earnings and fees for information available for free. “Real work at Home, Best Data Entry, Works from Home, Medical Billing – from Home” those are the common ads given by the fraud co. They always said that no skill is needed for this job everything will be provided by the company. Just filling the form online and earn money. Only you have to pay for the software and you are able to do the job. At worst, you are hooked into a work-at-home scam in which you use your money to process rebates but are never reimbursed.