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Human Resource and Management Consulting Services

We offer a wide range of management and human resource consulting services to enhance the productivity for local governments.

Management Consulting

Management consultants in our company possess deep experiences, working in and with, the public sector. Our clients range from counties, municipalities, and associated not-for-profit organizations. Consulting services focus on overall organizational strategy and problem-solving. Substantial benefits are acquired from persistent reviews of administrative policy and structures, which allow in simplifying current and future goals, and recognizing prospective problems in attaining goals which are arranged by leadership.

Management Consulting Services Include:

  • Process Improvement
  • Public Safety Consulting
  • Efficiency Studies
  • Stategic Planning

Human Resource and Management Consulting Services

Human Resources Consulting

Our Human Resources professionals have prolonged experience and they provide a wide array of human resources consulting services. The services involve collecting crucial information that facilitates leaders to build informed choices concerning overall staffing requirements.

Audits and Assessments offer a thorough look at the human resources operation. Work projects comprise of a assessment of policies, methods and practices, and assessment of compliance with related statutes.

Classification and Compensation Studies are a evaluation of an organization’s classification and compensation system. Other components may contain an appraisal of the present, or formation of a new, performance judgment tool. A wide-ranging benefits study may also be performed as part of this service.

Staffing Analysis and Succession Planning Studies evaluate an organization’s structure and workforce, and manage short and long-term staffing requirements.