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Recruiters can carry on using memes after all, says European parliament

  • European Parliament MEPs have announced projected modification to European copyright law that could have provided significant impact on how recruiters promote their business via memes on social media.
  • Last month, Recruiter reported on proposed rules encompassed in Article 13 of the Copyright Directive that require platforms ‘take steps to make sure the operation of agreements executed with rights-holders for the use of their works’.
  • Lawyers alerted that the projected rules are intended for recruiters who apply memes to promote their business could have found these memes are eliminated by social media platforms, if they move forward further.
  • And last month, a committee of MEPs sanctioned the projected rules ahead of them reaching the wider European Parliament to vote on.
  • But the BBC reports the alterations were refused by a margin of 318-278 in the European Parliament yesterday as MEPs demanded that the propositions require more debate and should be returned to the European Commission.

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