Top 5 Tourist Spots in Ohio You Must See

In the Great Lakes region of the USA, there lies the beautiful state of Ohio. It is the 34th state in the country and the 7th most populous. It is also a wonderful region for tourists. It’s cities like Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, and Dayton offer tourist attractions like museums, zoos, art galleries, amusement parks, markets and many more. Not only in the cities, but Ohio also offers excellent outdoor recreations along the sweet Ohio river, in Yellow Springs, Hocking Hills, etc. Today let us see what are the top five tourist spots in Ohio.

  • Cleveland
  • There are so many things to do in Cleveland that your main problem will be itinerary management. If you are the artsy or historic type, Cleveland has some of the best museums in the country, like the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Cleveland Museum of Art, and the same of Modern Art. If you are inclined towards the cultural side, you will love the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Or, make your way to the Playhouse Square or the Severance Hall where you can enjoy operas and ballets and orchestras. Family parties will love the well-stocked Cleveland Zoo and the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. Your kids will enjoy an active day at the Interactive Children’s Museum. And the sports enthusiasts will surely make a beeline for the Progressive Field.

  • Top 5 Tourist Spots in Ohio You Must See
  • Columbus
  • The capital city of Ohio always attracts more visitors than what it knows what to do with, it seems. A great heritage tourist city, it has structures like the Ohio Statehouse and the Ohio History Center. Culture junkies will be attracted to the Columbus Museum of Art or the Ohio Theatre. If you are getting a bit tired of the cityscape, go for an outing in the Scioto Mile or the Franklin Park Conservatory, one of the best botanical gardens housing over 400 species of flora. It is also a favorite spot for outdoor weddings.

  • Mansfield
  • Conveniently located between Cleveland and Columbus, Mansfield is a market town. It is known to explorers of Richland County, and to historical tourists. Most prefer the Kingswood Centre and Carousel Centre, where you can find beautiful hand-crafted carousel ponies. Also, you can visit the Lincoln Highway National Museum, the Brownella Cottage, and Oak Hill Cottage to drink some history. The more adventurous types should visit the Ohio State Reformatory where, people say, “weird things” happen often. Other attractions include the Mansfield Fire Museum and the Arts and Science Discovery Museum. If you have time, be sure to visit the Jones Potato Chips Factory as well for free family tours in one of the oldest chips makers. In fact, the wavy style potato chips that are widely favourite today was invented by the company’s founder way back half a century ago.

  • Yellow Springs
  • Part of Dayton, the quaint little town of Yellow Springs is sure to charm city dwellers with its charming outdoors and unusual markets. The downtown is lined with cute and curious little shops, restaurants and galleries where you may get lost. Outdoor enthusiasts start from Yellow Springs to explore the Glen Helen Nature Reserve and the John Bryan State Park. Here nature lovers can partake in activities like hiking, rock climbing, bird watching, mountain biking, fishing, etc. Food enthusiasts will have a field day in the local farmer’s markets that feature fresh produce from surrounding farms. Guided family tours are available at Young’s Jersey Dairy with a plethora of ice cream and cheese.

  • Cincinnati
  • Something for everyone - that seems to be the motto of Cincinnati in case of tourism. Start by taking the American Legacy Tour to decide where you want to come back for a closer look. The marvellous Taft Museum of Art and the Cincinnati Museum of Art will attract the art lover in you, while the music and performance enthusiasts can visit Cincinnati Music Hall for symphony, opera, pop, and ballet. It gets even better if you plan ahead to visit at the time of the June Fringe Festival. The Duke Energy Children’s Museum is a boon for children with its indoor town and interactive educational displays. Don’t forget to visit the Amusement park in Coney Island and the Cincinnati Zoo.

    These being the top five tourist attractions in Ohio, the great state also has many other spots for travellers to enjoy. Toledo, Dayton, Hocking Hills, Dublin, Sandusky, Canton, Conkles Hollow, etc. are all great tourist spots that every American deserves to enjoy at least once.