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XML Conversion Service India

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is becoming popular as a new standard for web-publishing format. XML is useful for encoding information and services with meaningful structure and semantics which computers can instantly recognize. XML can transform your data from unstructured format to structured, dynamic, functional format making it more extensible and reusable to be utilized with Web applications. XML is superior relating to other web publishing format due to its flexibility, versatility, scalability and ability to be validated.

XML conversion is monotonous and composite as it includes burdensome tagging procedure to obtain highest benefits of data conversion. So business institutions are outsourcing their XML conversion project to offshore firms for saving in time and money.

Global Associates, a leading offshore BPO service provider, can deal with large-volume XML data conversion projects to convert documents from almost all recognized digital formats along with hard copy documents to most flexible and reasonable XML format of the utmost quality.

Global Associates has been successfully accomplished a wide range of XML conversion projects for publishers, banking, Universities, e-commerce, healthcare, Libraries, ITES, Corporations, Government Organizations, legal, marketing and research, manufacturing, publishing, real estate and Technology companies globally.

Global Associates perform XML Conversion of digital content, books, magazines, journals, manuals, manuscripts and other documents.

Global Associates has a professional team of Experienced XML coders who are well versed with latest eBook formats and can translate any flat, semi-structured data, comma separated values, delimited fields and records and so on to XML files utilizing state-of-the-art conversion techniques.

While converting to XML format, the file structure, styles, layout, bulleted lists, graphics, tables, headings, links, cross-links, image files and special effects are preserved for maintaining the originality of the source document.

Global Associates can also undertake other services like development of XML DTD (Document Type definition), XSD (XML Schema Definition), conversion specification and validity check for XML etc.

Global Associates offers the following XML conversion services :-

  • XML taging and XML parsing
  • HTML to XML and vice versa
  • Word to XML
  • Excel to XML
  • CSV to XML
  • PDF to XML and vice versa
  • Text to XML
  • SGML to XML
  • XHTML to XML
  • Binary to XML
  • MS Access to XML Conversion
  • RTF to XML Conversion - Read More
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