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What Is Laser Scan Service in BIM?

Scan-to-BIM is the process of recording an existing structure to use Building Information Modeling as a digital planning tool (BIM).

Scan to BIM creates a data-rich, linked, and constructible workflow. Having precise measurements to work with is essential for creating accurate models. The accuracy of measurements and 3D model content in BIM projects has reached new heights thanks to 3D laser scanning.

In the overall Scan-to-BIM process, a laser scanner is used to acquire a precise 3D scan of the project’s real-world conditions.
The scan data is then loaded into a 3D modelling system, where it is used to build accurate as-built models or to inform the design with real-world conditions.

3D scanning is a technique that captures the reality of construction. This scan service in BIM is gradually becoming the future of construction.

It is accurate and does not miss out on any important details as it puts photo-detectors and sensors to use. Laser scanning devices use laser beams to capture the exact shape and dimensions of a structure.

Important Steps In the Scanning Process

The important steps in the laser scanning process are :

  • Data collection with a 3D laser scanner
  • Backing up this data with the design office
  • Incorporate it into the BIM process.

Benefits of Using Scan-To-BIM Service In BIM

The Benefits of Using Scan-To-BIM Service in BIM are as follows :

  • Improved collaboration and transparency
  • Help in keeping work costs moderate
  • The service is efficient, fast and Safe
  • Detection of geometric interference/clearance when comparing point clouds and geometry.
  • The model helps make decision making easier and helps make the process simpler.
  • Provides quality and assures greater performance from the model, which is derived from laser scans.

In what way is BIM related to scan-to-BIM?

The demand for BIM implementation in the AEC industry and the development of BIM designs for existing buildings is increasing. Scan-to-BIM is rapidly becoming a necessary component of the BIM process.

When a project incorporates a pre-existing structure, or site, reality capture of as-built conditions can give the model important information before a designer ever starts working.

Our Services

Our company provides accurate and the highest standard quality laser scanning services, which have very little chance of human error; as a result, the data is sure to be both reliable and precise. We also have a very quick turnaround time, and the pricing of our service is also very Cost-Effective.

Scan-to-BIM is one of the most important services in the BIM process; its expansion is related to the general adoption of BIM in construction and building maintenance.

Another factor is point cloud technology’s increased accessibility and usability, which lowers the entrance hurdle for AEC professionals contemplating scan-to-BIM.

Laser scanning of existing structures allows for the faster creation of 3D BIM models. Project teams can now work together quickly to study and evaluate current structures.

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